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Get to know our Founders

Our Founders crossed paths after having worked on a remote creative project years ago.  Combining Nada’s design and branding expertise to oversee all creative, and Hayden’s branding strategy and account management experience to steer the business side. Lemon Drop was created to offer our clients a bespoke experience by global talent without physical boundaries. The duo is all about cultivating a strategic juxtaposition that serves to inspire, delight, and resonate with people.

Nada Abedelhaleem

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Hayden Kwok

We are a Boutique Branding and Marketing Agency based in Hong Kong. Working for Clients Worldwide.

As Founders ourselves we specialize in helping brands launch, grow, and scale with a holistic approach yielding results that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also driving conversions.

We’re small but mighty

Lemon Drop offers more than creative services, but also marketing and business development skills because we understand to truly stand out in a sea of crowds you need to know your brand inside and out. As a small nimble team, we tackle projects big and small. Staying grounded and humbly listening to our partners, understanding their audiences, and solving their problems.

Bottom Line... We help our partners create narratives and solutions that resonate and inspire.

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