E.e Kids and Moms Cafe

Branding& Visual Identity Case
2021, China

Business Stage


Scope of project

Brand Strategy
Creative Direction
Logo design
Visual Idenetiy
Pitch Deck

Barista of the Moms and Kids Cafe .Serving delicious food. Wearing their branded t-shirt and apron. the t-shirt design includes the brand name and customized illustration of the brand.


Premium Kids Restaurant brand Littles Cafe came to us with a secondary cafe line in mind called E.E Cafe. The goal was to create a visual identity, logo system, illustrations, and a pitch deck that could be used for investor presentations but most importantly a guiding creative direction for their launching phase.


A compelling classic and unique take on Parisian cafes that appeals to Chinese consumers. We created a visual identity, logo system, and pitch deck that brought the brand's values to life.


As E.e cafe was in the conceptual stages it was important for us to understand the vision the Founders had through our discovery sessions.The cafe was to be a relaxing place for millennial mothers where their children can explore independently through the play areas or workshops. This was a novel concept in China and much of a western concept therefore the overall creative direction borrowed heavily from the sophisticated and modern elements of Parisian cafes whilst appealing to the Chinese culture.

Menu Design of E.e Cafe. with the unique branded illustration . Customized illustration used to reflect the brand values and nurture it's visual presence


The name E.e stands for big elephant and small elephant. We were inspired by the characteristics of an elephant that mirrored the brand’s value of majestic, feminine, and maternal. As such, we designed a custom elephant symbol complemented with a warm and soft color palette. We developed a visual concept, illustrations, identity system, and pitch deck for the Founders to pitch their vision to investors.

Coffe Holder designed with custom floral illustrations that refelcts the brand identity of E.e cafe
branded coasters design, ith the logo name and customized illustrations ( Brand illustrations)
Front board design for Cafe. it has the logo of e.e cafe and the brand illustration of the cafe.
cup design and colored mugs that match brand color palette

Brand Illustrations

Customized brand illustrations. floral patterns and elephant drawings. brand illustrations design to reflect the brand values.
coffee cup design.
cafe sign design
food snaps for the  moms and kids cafe. it shows the vibe and quality
menu design of the cafe. modern and unique design with the customized illustrations